Director Anne Galisky and D.J.L Anne Galisky
Anne Galisky is a co-founder of Graham Street Productions, which produces documentaries including: Papers, D.J.L., Conversation Is Interruption, and Cox & Cox Funeral Chapel. She directed the feature-length documentary film, "Papers," which is currently screening nationwide. Anne founded and operated Small World Builders, a building construction company, for fifteen years before directing films. She earned a Masters in History, with her research on the Japanese Internment included in the Internment Memorial at the Expo Center in Portland, Oregon.

Anne_becky_2 Rebecca Shine
Rebecca Shine is a co-founder of Graham Street Productions and producer of the feature-length documentary film, "Papers." Before founding Graham Street Productions, Ms. Shine operated R. Shine Inc., a consulting business providing services to non-profits, schools, businesses and government agencies. In that role, she designed programs and public policy, led fundraising campaigns, coordinated events, and mentored at-risk and immigrant youth.